Burda Tunic done - a few pictures on Daisy

22 h 27

For the first time today, I wore my tunic to work. I wore it with a black silk knit slip. This Italian linen is very thin. With the sun in my back, there are no ways to hide my shape. Since this is not the style I like, the slip was on without any hesitation.

Though this thin linen is very crisp, I was impressed on how well it still looked at the end of a day running around and sitting at my desk.

Here are some pictures on Daisy, since DH and I always forget to take pictures before the sun is down.

Burda 2011-06-109 front on Daisy

Burda 2011-06-109 back on Daisy

Detail of the neck opening.

Detail of the square sleeve.

This tunic is very boxy. If you do not like that style, this is not a pattern for you. The sleeves are very special to sew. I read the instruction over and over to understand what they meant. Once I was sewing them, it all came easily. I will make a special post on that subject later on.

One other special feature is the front and back facing. They are showing on the outside of the tunic and top stitched close to the edge. I took all the time in the world for those edges to be very, very strait. My edge foot was such a good friend for finishing the work nicely.

The last nice detail on this tunic is the sleeve vent...  I cannot find the English word for that type of vent :-(

And one last self portrait with lots and lots of digital noise.

I like those new skinny jeans...  but not to be worn for work without a long tunic .

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6 commentaires

  1. Very classic with a contemporary flair!

  2. I think it looks great on you. Thank you for pointing out the interesting feature of that pattern.

  3. Love it, Anne-Marie. And you know how I love tunics...

  4. I'm a tunic lover too, so you've won me.

  5. I love that coat! And the detail of the sleeves to make it so special, you look so glamorous with it!

  6. That tunic looks awesome on you. That fabric is a great choice for the pattern too.


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