One knockoff on the way - I need your help

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My Tunic Burda 2011-06-109 is almost finished. 

I am then thinking about my next project. I want to sew a knock off this dress from Akris. Note the princess seam that starts at the neck line. Would any of you have a suggest of princess seam dress pattern, not cut at the waist line to start from? I pattern with a strait princess seam that start at the should would work well. What do you think ?

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3 commentaires

  1. I have seen this in Burda Style magazine, I think in a safari style dress. Hope that helps!

  2. Oh yay! Well, I can not help with this .... but I wanted to tell you that I had fun with your previous post, it's true! Perfection does not exist and that makes us happy, the other ladies ....


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