You want to know Uma Thurman's secret ?

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You might have seen those pictures illustrating a ravishing 41 years old Uma Thurman in a blue Armani Privé gown. I kept looking at those pictures wondering how could she look so good and what was her secret. I am thin, I am fit, but would I have such a sleek silhouette? Humm I don't know.

Two tiny details gave away parts of her secret:

1. The lines of her underwear. Smart lady, I say. She must be wearing a shaper.

I first noticed the line on her thigh so I thought that she might be wearing this:

Shaper by Spanx picture taken on Neiman Marcus

But the top line of the shaper tells me that she would have chosen this one instead.

Shaper by Spanx picture taken on Neiman Marcus

The other detail that comes to sustain the second hypothesis is the bra line in the back (click to blow up)

If the back of the shaper is low enough, my suggestion would have been this one made by Wolford an Austrian company:
picture taken on Neiman Marcus
I know, this is not the most glamorous post you can read on a blog, but I thought that it could make you feel better to see that perfection does not exist in this world. Well, with a little help from our friend "Ze Shaper", we can look more then amazing in the knit dress we sew.

Since my suggestion is a little bit expensive here are other choices:
For oval or round neckline that are note too vertiginous: Wolford natural line shaper
Spanx Slim Cognito Shape-suit
Spanx Simplicity High-Waist Shaper

One designer even included the shaper in the dress and it is Roland Mouret with his more then famous Galaxie dress. The Roland Mouret's shaper is also available online (at a big price).

Here are two articles about his galaxie dress and the shaper:
The Telegraph

Gertie's excellent blog also mentions it.

It is raining today. I decided not go camping and I cannot train on my bicycle. Well sewing comes to the rescue. With good music, it should pop me up !

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7 commentaires

  1. "Ze Shaper" does do wonders, eh... Certainly have to "hide" in the bathroom to disrobe after "The Event", though... nothing less sensual, less sexy than these undergarments...
    xo, Rhonda

  2. Yes but who makes the one you like?--I love it but have been unable to trace it down by the picture.

  3. Sorry Chepmweno for having forgotten the link. I added more information for you. Thank you for asking. Regards, Anne

  4. Yes, she is gorgeous. But look who she's with!

  5. I've been looking for ze perfect shaper here in europe but it is very rare and dear. All I could find looks my grand mother girdle. I would love to find somethig like
    Spanx's Slim Cognito Shape-Suit or Wolford's Individual Forming Slip
    Thanks for those links

  6. Bonjour,

    je cherche à vous contacter, mais je ne sais pas comment faire :-(

    à bientôt,



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