The dress never to wear on tv - more pictures than you want

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The Burda Magazine 2011-03-130 dress is done, finished. Do I like it?

A) For the beach : yes

B) For the office : never

C) For a summer dinner at home with friends : yes

D) For grocery shopping : yes

The fabric is a cute nylon/lycra knit form Emma One Sock... I will make a bathing suit with the rest of the fabric. It is a bit scratchy, but nothing serious.

For the next one (yes I like that pattern), I want a nice grey cotton knit and the band as well as the collar shall be in in blue chambray.. And the third one made in a beefy rayon or silk knit in black with satin band and collar.

DH was nice to take pictures to night... though it makes a huge shadow... that's life

Here are the photos... There is a bit of humour in all of them. I had a hard time staying serious... Modelling could never be a job for me. I am not in for that type of mood.


I forgot to tell you DH comments on the dress... humm cute, good length... but to many strips, don't wear this on TV ...

Ok next project now : the Burda Magazine Tunique 2011-06-109. I am tracing it Wednesday night. The black linen is already washed, I have studied the instructions, made a paper model to understand them. The paper model was well worth it to understand that the facing is turned on the outside (front and back). This means that the wrong side of the fabric is showing... You will see what I mean soon !

see you !

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7 commentaires

  1. Gorgeous! This is the type of dress you should wear all the time my friend! I love the posing- you obviously feel good wearing it.

  2. You could wear this at my office! I like it very much.

  3. Stunning!!!! This is so elegant.
    A true success.

  4. This dress would be perfect for the office I work in. I love the way you used the stripe fabric in different directions for the band and tab.

  5. elle est magnifique, te va à merveille et tu es tellement jolie sur les photos avec le sourire! moi non plus je ne sais pas trop que faire de moi lors de la prise des photos, pas évident de poser, hm!

  6. I like this dress on looks very stylish and very comfortable! I can see why you would want to make more.


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