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After finishing Inès de la Fressange's book I have been "walking" on her foot steps discretely. The book contains all web addresses for the shops and cool spots she mentiones, but what I wanted to see more of her not only the "It spots and items" she suggests.

In 1985,I saw Inès de la Fressange in Paris. It was my first trip to Paris. I was 18 years old, she was 28. Quietly shopping at Kenzo, I first noticed her dog, a brown Labrador. Then I was intrigued buy the legs, those infinitely thin and long legs... to tell the truth I felt like those legs were totally lost in her jeans. I had a strange impression when I saw her. I was wondering how she could walk with such a thin and overly delicate body. At the same time, she was breading style and sophistication.

Right : Inès for Chanel in 1985

Down: Inès in 2010 (unknown photographer)

I felt that I was coming from a totally different DNA world. I was built for walking, cycling, hiking, kayaking. She was built to be beautiful. ;-) That is physically at least. Her beauty was not inhibiting mine in my point of view, we were as I said, simply in two different worlds.

During my searches on the net, I found a series of pictures of Inès wearing the staple Parisian cloths she suggests. Those pictures show her side by side with her daughter Nine. Nine is the model in Inès's book as I said in my previous post. All the following pictures are from Benoit Peverlli and taken on Luxe, Glam et Volupté.

The "marinière bretonne" simple and great with diamonds

White jeans and blue cashmere V neck

The white jeans, blue V neck and the leather bomber

White T-shirt and cargo pants

Ze trench coat

What I like about Inès is that she ages well (though at 50 something she is still so young) and she is very natural. Instead of using Botox she suggests to dress smartly (avoid prints that could make you look like a granny) and to make love ;-) or get a good night sleep. I could not agree more. I selected three pictures that show her very naturally with wrinkles like woman her age and my age ( I am 44) have. click to blow

Picture (Flynn and Abaca for th center one)

You want more of Inès? I also suggest you those three diaporama:

Inès de la Fressange prend la pose dans Paris form L'
Inès in 114 pictures on Zimbio (look at the black dress she wore in Cannes)
Inès a selection of her covers with Elle France

With another suggestion, visit the Roger Vivier Web site, the intro will make you want to have shoes like Inès's.

Next post, my Chanel dress finished but still needing your advice for the bias tape and the beginning of MY 100 list... a fusion of Paris and New York style. With that, I would like to have your items as well to have the universal 100 list . See you soon!

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5 commentaires

  1. I love her style- elegant and sporty. The woman always in flat shoes.
    But her legs are really extremely thin.

  2. Yes, Ines has "that" clothes hanger-type of loooonnnggg length...
    But what I find she shows is--Joy, Fun, Happiness. (Not "smile, Miss Ines" svp).
    And THAT looks even better with age!! LOVE the wrinkles!
    xx to my Muse,

  3. Elle est tres chic et tres mince. Elle aurait beau dans un sac de papier!

  4. She certainly is aging well. I must check this book out too, it sounds like a good read.

  5. She is lovely.
    Very euro.
    Not Hollywood.


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