Montréal welcomes Jean Paul Gaultier - Montréal accueil Gaultier

12 h 58

Venez visiter l'exposition et donnons-nous rendez-vous pour un café. J'organise d'ailleurs un groupe avec visite guidée. Soyez présente avec nous ;-)

Jean Paul Gaultier Retrospective from Coco Rocha on Vimeo.

Come to visit the exhibition and be part of the group I am organizing. We will have a private guided tour.

See you ! À plus !

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4 commentaires

  1. Salut Anne-Marie!!
    Looking forward to the WHEN, WHERE, HOW information!!!
    Yippy!! (What's "yippy" in French?? ;/
    xx, Rhonda

  2. Me, me!!! I'm in! Rhonda, it's youppi, I think :D

  3. Hello ladies, yes Yeeppi in French is Youppi !

    As soon as I have 5 minutes at the office, I will call and organize Ze thing.

    Am xx

  4. loved the video
    thanks for sharing !
    Coco is such a fave of mine


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