Merci Ann, Thank you for the award

12 h 01

Juste une petite note rapide pour remercier Ann du blog Ann's Fashion Studio de m'avoir remis ce prix "Sisterhood". Puisque je ne sais pas encore à qui je le remettrai, je le met en ligne question de bien y penser. La dernière fois, 3 élues de mon choix n'ont pas répondu à l'appel et j'étais bien triste de cela. Mais, qu'y puis-je ?

Il fait si beau aujourd'hui. Je vais certainement sortir marcher. Il fait 7 degré Celsius et le soleil brille. Je sais, pour les gens plus au Sud ou en Europe c'est froid, cependant ici c'est Montréal !

I am writting juste a quick note to thank Ann from Ann's Fashion Studio for the "Sisterhood award" she kindly gave me. Since I do not know yet to whom I shall give it, I am posting this note while I am thinking about it. The last award I gave, three people did not answer and I was rather sad of that. But what can I do.

Today it is sunny and wonderfully beautiful. I will sew, but most certainly, I will go take a long walk along the river. I will take advantage of the generous 7 oC we have today.

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4 commentaires

  1. "The last award I gave, three people did not answer and I was rather sad of that."
    I could be part of those "3", eh... I very much appreciated and enjoyed your award, Anne!! It was caring for Tony that took all my energy to respond...
    I'm so very happy for you 'cos you are "like a" sister to me and many others, I'm sure!!
    Soft hugs,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  2. I'm glad I just saw that comment. I have thanked everyone that gave me this award, but will make sure to post about it on my blog soon. It really is a nice sentiment.

  3. I think that I answered you, but now when I published the award,so fabulous. You're a great person and I don't like that you are sad.
    Nice sky!!


  4. Congratulations on the well deserved award!


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