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Have you ever had the impression to be an elephant giving birth to a mouse ? I did when I finished that dress and that my son told me that it was too simple and that he (is 11 years old ;-) expected me to come up with a more flashy dress. Big sigh, big, big sigh. I told him, that his mother had great difficulties not making and wearing very demure clothes. To each his own ! That said, it was such great fun, getting your suggestions and waiting for the patterns to come in. Thank you so much for your help. I enjoy interacting with you... I am so pleased with the people who visit my humble cyberspace.

Avez-vous déjà eu l'impression d'accoucher d'une souris ? Et bien, en terminant cette robe, j'ai un peu eu cette impression. Mon fils de onze ans est très sensible à l'esthétisme et déjà il rêve d'être architecte. En terminant cette robe, je lui ai montré bien fièrement, car il aimait le tissus et la couleur. Il me regarde tendrement et me dit: "Mais maman, je croyais que tu faisais une robe pour une soirée, pas une robe pour le boulot. Cette robe est un peu trop simple, non?" Je lui ai expliqué que je suis de ces femmes discrètes, désirant porter des vêtements simples et sans trop d'éclat. Que dire de plus ?

Cela dit, j'aime cette robe, elle me fait bien. Elle est agréable à porter. Comme je le disais, le patrons Go Pattern est si bien dessiné! Les quelques photos ont été prises le week-end passé. Et puis, la recherche avec vous a été un pur plaisir pour moi. Que de mercis je vois dois. Si cela vous chante, nous recommencerons.

Comme je le disais, le patron Go Pattern est bien dessiné. Il comporte plusieurs détails de couture intéressants, comme un bias de soutien à l'encolure.

Les pièces de patron pour la doublure permettent une finition du plis arrière très soigné:

J'adore la doublure attachée à l'ourlet, rien ne bouge lorsque je marche. Merveilleux

J'ai ajouté ma touche personnelle à la jonction parmenture - doublure:

Je vous recommande ce patron grandement.

For more details, read my review on Pattern Review

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23 commentaires

  1. Votre robe est super! Felicitations. Je la trouve tres elegant. J'ai decouvert votre blog en lisant patternreview.com. (desolee que mon clavier americain ne me permet pas d'accents dans ce programme).

  2. Bonjour BeccaA, vous êtes la bienvenue dans mon petit cyber espace. Ne vous inquiétez pas pour les accents votre commentaire me comble avec ou sans accent. Salutations. Anne

  3. Beautiful!! Tasteful, elegant, off-guard 'cos of RED!, suits you!!
    Most important, how did YOU feel at The Event in your dress??
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  4. I think your dress is classic and you have styled it very chic. Beautiful work.

  5. Hi Anne!!
    ¿Puedo escribirte en español hoy?
    El vestido es precioso, muy elegante, me gusta mucho el corte que has usado. El color es muy bonito también, y con la estola queda perfecto porque ambos se complementan. Además por lo que veo ya has estado combinándolo con los zapatos...me gustan los dos estilismos...creo que el vestido es muy versátil, y eso lo prefiero, pues no le veo sentido a echar muchas horas trabajando en él y después ponertelo solo una vez, no crees?
    ¡Ahora a disfrutarlo!

  6. The dress fits you beautifully. I like it with the belt and dark shoes better. Of course you are free to ignore my advice. The scarf is a lovely addition too.

  7. Beautiful!
    Very, very elegant. The colour, the fit, with or without belt.

    Just beautiful and a charming dress!

  8. What a gorgeous dress, very couture. The simplest designs in surface may be the most work-demanding when we want it to be perfectly smooth and *look* simple while a lot of care went into details, as you show here. I love the way you embroidered the lining. This dress is a work of art!

  9. Simplicity is way under-rated. I think of Audrey Hepburn and her classic Givenchy style which lasts to this day. The LBD (little black dress) that she put on to visit & give her friend the "weather report" was so stunning and still is. Reminds me I need to make one for myself....again!

  10. Simple, understated elegance, the eyes rest while absorbing the beauty, the soul at peace. Your beautiful face illuminated. Glorious.

  11. J'adore cette robe!

    You did such a beautiful job with it and it looks perfect on you. Fantastique!

  12. Anne, I couldn't possibly say it any more beautifully than Birgitte did, so I'll just say I agree wholeheartedly. I'm always so amused and touched by your little stories and I laughed to think you have a pint-sized fashion critic in your house! Oh dear! He will learn. You are beautiful in this dress.

  13. Birgitte, What a beautiful comment you left. You have hands for creation, should it be made of fabric or words. Thank you.

  14. Janie,

    My son is very genuine in his comments and relatively tactful for an 11 year old boy. With the most spontaneous spirit, I show him my creations, patterns and fabric. I teach him the different between silk, linen, wool or cotton . The funniest part is that he listens. Having this attitude about sewing opens the door to his kind comments. I teach him how to see beauty in all people and to complement woman on their positive points. One day, it might be useful for him, who knows.

    Funny thing, a month or two ago, he asked me to sew himself a garment. He should sew his first Jalie pattern soon... yes I will put the zipper for him ;-)


  15. To all, I am always impressed by the kindness of your comments. Thank you so much. It is a source of motivation to sew more. Regards, Anne

  16. Anne your dress is beautiful and you did an outstanding job! The fit is perfect and the inside details are impeccable. You must have been very proud wearing it :)

  17. Well, I left a comment on PR but thought to do so here too. Your dress is absolutely fabulous - I appreciate the difficulty with "fancy" but you have found "elegant" in your simple but oh so beautiful dress. Your son sounds like a character! You are giving him a good education.

  18. Beautiful made. You look like a "star".

  19. Congratulations, you did a SUPERB job on this dress! I really love it and you look fabulous in it!

  20. A mouse, yes, but... what a mouse!!!
    In fact it's perfect and I love it!
    With the suede shoes and she light panted scraf it's subtle and si distingué, vraiment parfait !
    Une très, très belle réussite, c'est une souris dont il y a vraiment de quoi être fière.

    Amicalement, Miaaa

  21. Hello ANNE
    What a beautiful dress,i love this burgundy color,and you looks fabulous on it,and the black lining its a good combination.
    nice work.
    happy week


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