Simplicity talks

15 h 50

Jalie 2805
Tricot/knit Roberto Cavalli

Laissons les photos parler
Let the pictures do the talking

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12 commentaires

  1. Love the outfit Anne. The print is gorgeous. Great pictures.
    What fabric shops do you buy from in Montreal? I hope to get there this summer.

  2. Hello Ann,

    My favourite shop in Montreal is Madeleine Soie et Laine on St-Hubert. There is also the very expensive one :-( Minks on Green avenue. Those two fabric come from Emma one sock (on Internet). I will also review other Montreal shops during summer. The Zig Zag swing school gave me new addresses.

  3. Thanks Anne. If all goes well we will be visiting my sister in law in Montreal this summer. I'll be sure to check in with you before for the fabric hot spots :) Have a great week.

  4. Very flattering. And great fabric.

  5. Lovely outfit, and with that much talking, I can even manage the French! (Although usually I am deeply grateful for your translation). Your clothes and your presentation are beautiful.

  6. Beautiful fabric! This outfit is very flattering on you!

  7. Perfection. And I love your hairstyle.

  8. Let the pictures to the talking..., They speak perfection. Great top; great outfit.

  9. This is a wonderful outfit! Great pictures too. I like the binding especially.

  10. Hola Anne!!!
    Me encanta el pullover, te ha quedado muy bonito, la confección perfecta. El estampado es muy lindo, me gusta mucho los colores que tiene.


  11. Whata great outfit!! The pictures are lovely, you look great!

  12. J'adore la parfaite combinaison de couleur avec ton tailleur vert et ton teint et aussi le clin d'oeil en forme de pomme dans ton dos !
    Tout simplement parfait.


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