Quoi de neuf docteur, What's up doc ?

12 h 03

Je vous écris tout rapidement pour dire que les photos de la robe rouge arrive aujourd'hui et qu'en attendant que mon photographe maison soit disponible, je corrige et découpe des patrons pour faire ce pantalon:

I am simply writting quick message to tell you that the pictures for the red dress are coming today. While waiting for my adorable photographer, I am correcting and cutting those pants:

et cette veste:
and this jacket:

Coté tissu, les deux seront confectionnés en lin. Puisque la quarantaine me rend dingo, le pantalon sera rouge comme ma robe et la veste... une suprise avec un tissu totalement craquant et tellement féminin. Afin de ne pas exagérer sur le style fille, j'ai choisi un blouson plus sport.

Fabric wise, both pieces shall be made in linen. Since my fourties are caracterised with new tastes for me, the pants are made with the same gorgeous linen as the dress. The jacket, little surprise with such a feminine fabric. In order to prevent exageration in the girly style, I opted for a sporty jacket. You will see, it is such a beautiful fabric. The jacket will be worn with the dress as well.

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7 commentaires

  1. Ah, finally, something to look forward to! In fact, THREE somethings to look forward to: the photos of the famous red dress, the future completion of those wonderful-looking pants and that ultra-cool-looking jacket (with snaps?). I await it all with happy anticipation.
    Janie (catbird)

  2. Bonjour Janie,

    Yes I am thinking about snaps. I will try to look for the ones you named. I might ask the shoemaker in my area to install them. If I put snaps, it will be very interesting since the print on the linen is so feminine. I guess the fabric will require proper interlining. Also, I will certainly take off the flaps in the back and front that won't be proper for the jacket I have in mind. I will also take off the wrist belts that are suitable for plain fabric. On your side, what are you working on ? Warmest regards, Anne

  3. Hello Anne,

    How brave to hand over your jacket to a shoemaker at the end for the snaps! Brave and smart, too, I'm sure. As for me, I'm on the third and (thankfully) LAST of some pillow covers I'm making for our at-home music studio. We'll be lounging in style when we listen to mixes!

    Warm regards,

  4. So classy. I am looking forward to these clothes. It is fortunate for me that I can vicariously enjoy your sewing! You are very skilled.

  5. "The jacket will be worn with the dress as well."?? With THE dress? The RED one??
    Confused but really interested/excited!!
    Soft hug,

  6. Rhonda, Yes I am talking about the red dress that should be on Blog and PR on Tuesday night. I almost finished wrtting the review and pictures correction (ie taking the plugs of in Photoshop, color adjustment and putting them in Internet size). Hope you are well. Anne


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