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This is an official start. The first PR WeekEnd in Canada will be held in Montreal between June 18 and June 20 2010. This event will be full of what you love: sewing conferences, fabric shopping, sightseeing, dining with sewing passionates, fabric or pattern swapping and more... all of that taking place with a twist of Montreal. A city that marries Europe and America.

This space is also your space. Leave us comments and suggestions. We are craving for that.

We have one year to organize the best sewing event in Canada... well we like to think so.




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5 commentaires

  1. Thank you Rhonda ! ;-) Don't worry. I do not get mad about this things.


  2. Salut Anne!!
    C'est moi... ;)
    We surely won't need a BUS to get around in Mtl, eh!! The METRO is so efficient, fun, unique!!
    Is it June 18th yet?? (2010?)
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  3. I would love to join in. Is it possible I might possibly extend my stay by a day or two at the same place?

  4. I'm trying to make this weekend work. Like Carole, I'm interested in extending my visit beyond the actual sewing weekend.
    Brenda (goal100)


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