Birgitte, this is for you

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Birgitte, who is the soul behind Bubblegum 4 Breakefast, is working on a replicate of this amazing, M Jackson inspired Balmain jacket.

Birgitte is, well how would I know who she is since I have never met her... Well, in my point of view, Birgitte seams to be a dynamic, highly creative person who loves to dig and try, try and dig until she finally creates the garment she wants, thrives and desires. The most amazing thing in my opinion is that she always succeeds. You should look on her blog for the Yves St-Laurent blouse, the Dior raincoat, the Chanel jacket made for her younger daughter, her bohemian skirt, her pearled collar blue jacket, the silver jeans jacket, the blue silk dress made for her older daughter, etc.

She is, to my taste, inventive and above all not afraid of wearing clothes that are daring. Well, if you read my blog from time to time, I know there are so many to read on planet Ihaveaninterestinglifetosharewithyou all, so if you read my blog, you will know that I worship creative people who dare to wear divinely extravagant clothes... I am so not able to do that yet!

Birgitte is a gifted individual who puts efforts in getting her dreams realized. We should all follow that path. De la pensée à la main, il y a un monde à franchir. J'aime sa détermination. From thought to work, this is a world to cross. I admire her determination.

Now she is heading for the moon with this jacket. Could I be an astronaut as well?

So Birgitte, if you had not seen it before, I found on The Cut this very interesting video on beading. See their wonderful technique !!!!!!!

A couple of friends and I are following her progresses with the Balmain Jacket. Join our club and read her blog. She is amazing.


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