Muchas Gracias Paco !

20 h 00

This week I received from Paco Peralta two Patrones magazine ! Thank you so much !

If you do not know Paco which I doubt so much, he his an artist of the Barcelonian fashion scene. He has real "Mani d'Oro" (golden hands). Every month or so, he makes us dream with his breath taking creations that are always made with skills, you would not dream to have... this last sentence is of course not for Claire Kennedy, who sometimes visits my humble Cyber space. Paco is one of the most generous "sastro" on Internet. He never hesitates to share his knowledge or answer a personal email though his agenda is amazingly busy.

That said...

My father recently spent a month in Spain and I had commission him to go shop with Paco for fabric at Gratacos. Paco was willing to accompany him and my dearest dad was willing to spend 60 minutes in what would be for me a Spanish sewist paradise and a temple where I would ruin my self ;-)

It was for my greatest deception that father had to change is itinerary. Since Paco had kept those two magazines for me, he sent them by mail. What a pleasure to receive real mail !

Muchas Gracias Paco, eres uno tesoro!!!!!!!!! Mi sorpresa paquete llegará pronto a su casa.


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5 commentaires

  1. Make sure you show us your new fabric and the patterns you adore from the Patrones magazine!

  2. JoanneM, thank you for your comment, I will show patterns and fabric. This is a good idea.

  3. Anne .- Je suis heureux que vous aimez les magazines. Je suis sûr que vous avez placé vos yeux sur certains modèles. J'ai été desolé de ne pas être en mesure de saluer votre père. J'espère que la prochaine fois.

    Kisses de Barcelone


  4. Thank you for the special mention - but I enjoy your site very much. I love seeing the creativity and enjoyment you derive from you creations!


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