Foksy arrived home

11 h 04

I told you I was in love with those scarfs. I bought one.

It arrived yesterday, it is so beautiful, warm, innovative and well knit. I might order another one.

I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You want one. It is simple to buy on Etsy. Click on the word Etsy and you will arrive on her Etsy page.

On top of being talented, she is wonderful to deal with.

As soon as DH has time to take pictures of me wearing it. I will pose with my new friend.


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6 commentaires

  1. Salut Anne,
    You bought one!! Yippy!! What colour?? (The long black one as pictured, probably...) I have a black, very good "fake fur" coat... Would the wee, short black one just get lost in the coat, except for his eyes??
    I'm SOOOO happy for you!!!
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  2. Hello Rhonda,

    I bought the long grey one and it is sooo beautiful. As I wrote previously, you can go for black on black but I think it would not put the little Foksy up front. As you suggest, it would be lost in your fur coat. I suggest a more colourful version as the purple may be or the orange which is so beautiful. You may ask Celina if she could make another colour. She is simply wonderful and so nice to deal with. Burgundy would be very nice with your jacket. Look at her site, she has them all exposed with beautiful pictures.



  3. I am so tempted by that scarf as I think it could pass for a Belette. Or, if I got a white one I could say it was a Westhighland Terrier. Yet, I am drawn to the red. Very cute.

  4. Dear Belette, it could very well pass for a Mustela nivalis. The white one would be ze belette it's winter gown... more then a terrier the tail is too long. Red would go with the day bed look of your entry picture, very fun fatal in the look and spirit. Join the Foksy Club!

  5. La bufanda es precisa...espero ver pronto la foto de la tuya...



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