Shopping for fabric in Montreal - Part I

19 h 05

Kay wrote three great review on fabric stores in Montreal.

The first one is on Sam Textiles on St-Hubert Street. This will of course be part of our fun shopping during the Montreal PR Weekend in June.

Here are Kay's impression with lost of pictures.

I'm reviewing this store in anticipation of the PR Weekend coming up in Montreal in June, 2010. We'll definitely be trekking to St. Hubert Street which has a concentration of fabric stores. Sams is a must-see.

My Favorite Kay

Sams is a large store with home dec fabrics in one side and fashion fabrics in the other. I've never shopped seriously in the home dec section but the stock looks interesting and high quality. I usually head straight for the fashion fabrics.

A small part of Sam's home dec section

There are long aisles organized by type of fabric.
There is an entire aisle devoted to lycra and knits, but my favorite aisle is found at the very back of the store. 100% cashmere, anyone?

The silk aisle

Cashmere or Alpaca? Both are so rich and fantastic...

Sams has fabulous suitings and especially coat fabrics woven from pure wool, and blends with alpaca and cashmere. Silks are at the front of the store. Every colour of dupioni, as well as exquisite embroidered silks can be found. From time to time I have seen African printed cotton. Upstairs is the bargain section � in the past full of novelty cotton prints; now it's mostly home dec. However, things change and it's worth checking out.


In addition to fashion fabric, Sams sells some "utility" fabrics (not sure what else to call them) such as interfacing, lambs wool interlining, etc.

I've spent many an hour browsing at Sams - it has very competitive prices for high quality fabric.

Here are Connie and Rhonda browsing for ??

As for shopping experience, the staff are helpful but happy to leave you to browse. The store is relatively large but has LOTS of stock, so there's not a lot of open space. However, it should be able to accommodate small-medium clusters of shoppers.

Not Sam him self... but close

See you soon! Anne-Marie

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6 commentaires

  1. Hey, no fair! I didn't approve that photo!!!

  2. Ohhh Kay, I liked it so much. If you don't I will take it off. You are the boss.

  3. Is it JUNE yet??!! ;) Can't WAIT!!
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  4. Great post! Unfortunately I will not be able to participate in this PR weekend ~ it is my sons Graduation and we will have family visiting that week end/week. Bitter sweet! I will look foward to all the posts.

  5. Ohh Ann, Of course graduation cannot be missed for sewing... Next time you will be with us.


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