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DORMS OR HOTEL the big questions

When we started this project I had mad the suggestion of using the Université de Montréal dorms. So were in favour of this option and some others were not.

Our favourite room critics KayY and ConnieBJ came all the way to Montreal to try those for you.

Here is what Kay wrote about it:
Thérèse Casgrain Residence

The UdeM residence hotel provides basic accommodation at a great price. For $40 per night, you get a single room, high-speed Internet connection, and continental breakfast.

The rooms are small but adequate. Therese Casgrain is a relatively new building and there are only about 9-10 rooms on each floor. Each room has a single bed, desk, sink and closet, as well as a small fridge and fan. The building is not air conditioned, but we found that the rooms (11th floor) were very comfortable at night, even though we were in Montreal during a relatively hot and humid week in July.

Most floors have a common room, which is airy and cross-ventilated. It’s a comfortable place to sit and chat, and there’s a great view from the upper floors.

Bathrooms are shared with other residents on the floor. Everything was very clean and well maintained.

After exchanging emails and thinking about it, we strongly recommand the dorms. Thought there is not air conditionning, they came in July and the rooms were not hot at all. The window provides plenty of wind since it is such high building. Plus if we go for those, I could reserve the 5th last floors and there would be only PR members using the bathrooms and the meeting rooms.

Check the picture Kay took
click here.

I already reserved the conference room in the UdeM building where I work. If the weather allows, we will be able to have a cocktail on a gorgeous roof terrace.

Kay is coming to Montreal on the weekend of November 28. You are welcome to join for a visit of Madeleine Soie et Laine and more discussion about our weekend.

Click here to reserve your room - Don't forget to select PR Weekend in the Event section.



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5 commentaires

  1. Salut Anne!!
    It's sew nice to hear about the upcoming Montreal event again!!
    Let me know how I can help, eh!! Je suis disponable!!
    Soft H1N1 elbow hugs,
    Rhonda in MONTREAL ;)

  2. Rhonda,

    We need your help. Next meeting is in the weekend of November 28. I will email you for a meeting point. AM

  3. What a beautiful view. If I can get away in June for this PR week end I will be there.
    I will know soon and let you know too. I would love to meet other bloggers. How many do you have participating so far?

  4. I'm also hoping to attend the weekend (and am all for the dorm), but can I do anything to help in the meantime (I'm in Ottawa)?

  5. I stumbled upon this on the PR website and would love to come! In Canada, and then Montreal!!! The Costume section with Cirque - oohh la la!!! Wouldn't THAT be the cherry on the cream puff of a wonderful weekend!!!

    from near Winnipeg


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