Shopping for fabric in Montreal - Part II - Couture Elle

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I'm reviewing Couture Elle in advance of the first PR Weekend in Canada, coming up in June, 2010. This is one of the stores in Montreal's concentrated fabric shopping district on St. Hubert Street, north of Jean Talon Metro stop. It's one of my favorites.

Kay and the beautiful silk charmeuse...

Have you bought anything from this store? If yes were the prices competitive? I have bought many pieces from this store. The prices are not bargain basement but very good, especially when you consider that the fabrics are unique and high quality.

Guipure in all colours

How was your shopping experience. Is there anything you did not like about this
store? The owner of the store, Jean Ghrayeb, is extremely helpful and will tell you the fibre content and designer origins of his stock. If he�s not sure, he whips out his lighter and does a burn test, right in the store. He stocks beautiful wools, silks, linen and laces as well as designer knits. This is a fantastic place to browse, with fabric on bolts neatly stacked almost to the ceiling. It's well organized by type of fabric and Mr. Ghrayeb does a great job of making suggestions, if you are looking for something special.

This is not the biggest store on St. Hubert, by square footage, but there is a lot of great fabric to be had - which means it can get a little crowded - visit in small groups!

Connie lost in fabric paradise

Rhonda and Kay discussing fibres and quality

Stay tuned for more reviews

Text by KayY, photos by Mahler (Anne)

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5 commentaires

  1. This store is a TREAT to be in!! ;)

  2. Wasn't this the store that I found the 150$ or so a metre fabric that I fell in love with? I believe it was Cirque de Soleil leftovers!

  3. Look forward to all your reviews. I'm enjoying them now :) since I won't be there...and I am keeping note of the stores so I can go at a later date.

  4. YES
    Un paradis cette boutique !!!
    ..a wonderfull world ...


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