What's wrong with Paul Smith this fall

21 h 26

Though I have been unfaithful to my sewing machine and the sewing blogs I love to read; I took a little, little time every month to flip Burda World of Fashion.

Tonight, the November number was in my mail box... It is always a moment of joy to sit at the table and read the magazine... A moment of deligh,t when I systematically match the patterns I like with the fabric in my stash or fabric I dream of buying.

I usually flip the pages quickly to read it more thoroughly and slowly after. Tonight, it happened differently. I stopped at page 7 (French edition) and could go further. I was unable to turn the pages. I could not stop staring. I could not believe my eyes. I had such a funny face, my son asked me if I was in pain. In pain ? Was I in pain ? ... No, I was horrified of seeing this !!!

Nobody will ever, ever, ever make me believe that this is Haute Couture or that it is beautiful. My grand mother Madeleine, who was more of an entrepreneur then a knitter, use to make those for her country house. They were made of wool balance she kept from other projects. She knitted comfortable and warm throws my older sister and I used to warm up our selfs... But..

Never, ever, ever would I have thought of seeing Madeleine's master piece on a cat walk. !!!

Hello Paul Smith, I am usually one of your greatest fan. This fall, all apologies, you lost me. My mind is not sufficiently open to your definition of chic.

Here are other bad outfits, he designed this year. Tell me what you think.

Flesh tone shirt with puffy sleeves and blue mica pants. No thank you.

This dress is not, to my opinion, flattering. I look to big and the voile covering the black fabric seems to be improvised.

Some pieces in the collection are nice. But nothing would make me spend 1000$ ...

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4 commentaires

  1. the crochet dress looks like a bed throw and the plastic rain pants - hideous!

  2. Contente de te lire a nouveau.
    A bientôt j'espère.


  3. Welcome back. You and your wonderful creations have been missed.

  4. Have you seen Cate Blanchett in an almost identical afghan blanket dress last year? Here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1214102/Cate-Blanchett-looks-proper-red-carpet-knitwit-crocheted-blanket.html Rrrrridiculous!


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