Burda projects - Winter coat and ... a skirt

19 h 03

Today, I paper fit my Burda winter coat (pattern number 8017 which I think is OOP) and started to cut the muslin. Since this is a long term project and I really need clothes, I also cut this Burda World of Fashion skirt (2010-11-113).

My dear friend Annette sent my a balanced of her magnificent Italian wool. She initially bought it at Emma one sock and made a great top with (as shown on the picture). I felted the fabric in the washing machine by using a very short hot water cycle. It gave the fabric such a nice hand feel (not that it did not already have one...). The wool became denser without loosing it's drape.

It was more then a pleasure to lay out the pattern on the fabric. This skirt pattern is making me so enthusiastic, the colours are dense and joyful, the sun was shinning in the kitchen... well life was good. I am certain that the skirt will be out of this world.

This fabric goes really well with olive green. It makes me want to buy those boots from John Fluevog. Don't you think those two would look great together?

Now I have to figure out how to lined this pattern... ho oh ! Burda has such strangely written instructions.

Back to work now... see you soon.


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4 commentaires

  1. I'm interested in seeing how this skirt turns out, it is a very unique design.

  2. Hi, Anne-Marie.

    I'm glad you sent me the link to your blog (again -- ha!), since I had lost it a LONG time ago. I've got it bookmarked now.

    I can't wait to see your felted skirt. It's going to be BEAUTIFUL, just like YOU!

    Oh, and as for Fluevog (I hope I spelled that right), I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything FLUEVOG. I don't actually have any, but I often browse the various styles and DROOL -- ha!

    Great to hear from you.


  3. Stunning fabric. It will be very interesting in a skirt.


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