Blanket horror part II

13 h 47

Oh la la, I did not think that any body would dare to wear such horror pieces. Oh My ! Digs who is the author of Strait Jacket Muse gave me the link to this article about Cate Blanchette fashion "faux pas".

Humans will never stop amazing me... positively and negatively. !!

Cate you are usually so nicely dressed. What happened to your stylist? Please call Annie Horth.

Paco Peralta, the super designer from Barcelona sent me this picture of a dress worn by Audrey Hepburn. Well, I love Audrey so much, she must have look good even wearing that. She was such an icon of beauty ... internal and external as well.

Have you seen any other person walk around with a late 1970's blanket ? I hope not.


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1 commentaires

  1. My country woman Cate Blanchette usually has impeccable taste. What was she thinking!


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