The winter coat - Lining and Montreal's winter

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Even before cutting the pieces for a muslin, I am planning the lining of my Burda coat. My first idea was to quilt, in a creative way, Thinsulate to the kasha lining and give to my boiled wool jacket a little warm woompf.

After reviewing The Sewing Laywer's blog on her Burda 7731 project (see picture on this article) and reading this exchange on Pattern Review's blog, I entirely revised my position.

The key words I remember from those readings were: Michelin Men, Bulky, No Drape, Not suitable for wool jackets and Made for thin nylon fabric.

Ok you convinced me !!!!!!!!!! Thank Kay you for sharing your knowledge . Or else, I would have headed for a disaster.

Now I have boiled wool and kasha lining and those 2 together are not warm enough for Montreal's -10 oC or -20 oC or worst -30 oC... well at -30 oC I will wear another jacket for sure. But still, Montreal could be cold.

So what are the options according to you ? Polartec, lambs wool, or ???

I used lamb wool in a previous jacket that I plan to show you soon. It is not sufficient to keep me warm under -5 oC. So far I have been wearing a duvet vest under my wool jackets to keep me warm. Keep in mind that I walk 4 kilometers per day on my way to and from the office. I do not travel by car.

The duvet vest gives me comfort and warmth, but it also makes me look like Quasimodo (the hump back in Notre-Dame de Paris ;-)). It fluffs my jacket a little too much. If I could, I would like to avoid that option.

On the other hand, a thin lining with the duvet vest allows me to wear the jacket during fall and early spring.

Again, what do you think, what are your suggestions?

Kind Regards,


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3 commentaires

  1. I am glad I don't live in Montreal. I'm too fat for all that extra padding!

  2. Gail, you are right, winter requires too much padding. IN return, it allows me to practice great winter sports like cross country ski, ice skating...

    And you have the great barrier of reef, beaches and Tasmania... poor you ;-))))))))

  3. The real secret to a warm winter coat is a wind-proof layer to trap warm air in the insulation. Boiled wool probably is not wind proof but you may be able to add inner layers that are. Some ideas: You could consider a thin windproof fabric as underlining (rub it inside a layer of your fabric to ensure it won't be noisy). Put your insulation between this layer and the lining.
    A chamois layer in the back above the waist is a good wind-stopper. Your jacket has doubled fronts (I think), so will naturally be warmer there. If you have a windproof layer, 200 wt. polar fleece inside it is very warm.


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