The muslin of the Frankenstein dress - La toile de la robe Frankenstein

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Just a short note to show the muslin of my Frankenstein dress.  I am very happy with the result. Since the fashion knit as more stretch and is more fluid it should fall wonderfully.  I have to correct the back sleeve that is a bit puffy. To correct that, I have to rotate the sleeve cap and take a bit off the armhole in the back...  Next the real dress !!

Juste un tout petit message afin de vous montre la toile de ma robe Frankenstein. Je suis heureuse du résultat puisque le vrai tricot est plus extensible et surtout plus fluide. Je ne dois corriger que l'emmanchure dos et la manche dos qui sont trop ample. Prochain message, la vraie robe !! yé 

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7 commentaires

  1. I think you could cut more sleeves if you have the fabric and wear this one. It's so pretty. Of course, you know it's my color.

  2. Sherril, I cannot wear it because it is short like an ice skating dress ;-) Not long enough for my age. I had just enough knit to make it this lenght.

  3. Fabuleux! Un tunique, fait une tunique avec ta toile!

  4. Carmencita, quelle bonne idée d'en faire une tunique !


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