My robe Burda est teminée - The Burda dress is ready !

22 h 39

This is just a quick post during my vacation to show the Burda 2013-04-109 dress all finished. I love ti!

Burda 2013-04-109 Front View

The A-line of the dress and the fact that it is not fitted, allowed me to remove the zipper and replace it by a shoulder opening.

Burda 2013-04-109 Side View

Burda 2013-04-109 Back view

Hem facing.
Since I had only 0.95 meters of fabric instead of the 1.30 that pattern called for, I had to face the hem. The lining is embroidered as usual.

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6 commentaires

  1. Beautiful dress and love the new opening.

  2. This looks magnificent. I like your clever change to a shoulder opening too.

  3. This is so very beautiful. The fabric choice is inspired.

  4. Beautiful dress. The fabric is gorgeous.

  5. It is beautiful. I love the shoulder opening, very nice design change :)


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