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As I mentioned it in my last post, last weekend was a slow pace one for me. I had a bad cold with fever and my entire body was calling for slow pace day... One thing modern life in the city rarely inclines us to do so.

I worked on an easy done project: two identical silk shawls. One for me and one for my colleague Natalie. She had given me a piece of narrow (90 cm in width - 3 meters long) silk shantung she had bought during the years she lived in Asia.

I knew she liked the fabric and I though it would be nice to share the pleasure of  wearing a simple garment. So two silk shawl appeared to be a better plan than one dress for me.

So I split in two 2.3 meters of the silk shantung (it is rather matt and rough) that I decided to line with a printed silk crepe Georgette as we call it in French. I used French seams to sew the lining. Here is the result:

Comme la semaine dernière j'étais fiévreuse, j'ai passé un weekend sous le thème de la lenteur. Voilà un concept qui s'applique rarement à mon style de vie très urbain et souvent de vive allure. Je me confesse être une mini-hyperactive...  à mes heures.

Vélo le weekend, soirée en amis, boulot, cuisine en famille, suivi des études de mon fils, bref ça roule. Tout comme dans votre vie, j'en suis certaine. 

Ainsi le weekend dernier, j'ai cousu bien tranquillement deux châles identiques. Un pour moi, un pour ma collègue de travaille Natalie. En rangeant des coins peu visités de sa maison, elle avant mis la main sur un shantung de soie mate acheté en Asie, il y a des lunes. Comme elle ne coud pas, le tissu a atterri chez moi.

Plutôt que de le consacrer à une robe pour moi, je trouvais l'idée chouette de lui faire porter cette belle étoffe. Doublé d'un crêpe Georgette de soie, j'ai assemblé le tout avec des coutures françaises en plus de franger les deux extrémités. Je crois que le cadeau lui a beaucoup plu.

Detail of the French seam

Detail of the French seam
As a late birthday gift for my colleague, I think it was a nice one.


This weekend I not going out for a long bicycle rides as I usually do. My cold is still hanging around and I don't feel energetic enough to ride against winds of 30 km/h with drafts that are up to 50 km/h. I am quietly playing with silk again. My son has his high-school graduation ceremony on June 19 and after changing my mind 2 or 3 times, I settled for a pencil skirt and a Chinese top.

For the top, IF the muslin test is positive, I will use McCalls pattern # 4381

Cette semaine, je manipule encore de belles étoffes de soie. Je confectionne un haut asiatique et une jupe étroite pour la graduation de mon fils. J'ai choisi le patron McCall's 4381 pour réaliser le haut. Le tout dans un brocard de soie venant de chez Couture Elle.

According to two reviewers on Pattern Review , this pattern is very fitted. I will start with size 10 and see how it fits.

The fabric chosen for the top is a beautiful 100% silk brocade bought at Couture Elle on St-Hubert street (Montreal, Canada). The mix of colours is unusual for me. The dominant colour is a pinky-lilac with gold and beige accents.

 Voici les deux tissus.

I hope it will go great with my hair :-/  Well in the fabric store I though it did...  We shall see

The pattern selected for the skirt is from an old Burda magazine. I used it two time previously.  I have no time to waist here. I want a TNT pattern. 

Burda Magazine 2008-01

You can see versions made in 2013 and made in 2009 as well as here

This skirt will be cut in a beautiful silk dupioni that had body and density. It is from Couture Elle as well.

La jupe est une reprise d'un patron Burda Magazine édition de janvier 2008. Deux jupes dans ma penderie témoignent de mon intérêt pour ce patron simple et chic.

Ready, go! I am off to muslin cutting now.

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