Do you know Marie St-Pierre vous connaissez ?

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Designer connue de Montréal, Marie St-Pierre a pignon sur rue au Québec depuis 1986. J'aime son style inattendu dont les lignes fluides s'ornent juste assez pour créer l'originalité et le style.

Sa collection d'automne hiver 2008-2009 m'avait totalement charmée. Spécialement ce manteau rrroooouuugggeee !!!!!!!!!!!! Olé!

A well know Montreal designer, Marie St-Pierre has successfully been in the business since 1986. I love her insupected style with fluid and yet artful broken lines. My description might sound contradictory. Give it a look, you'll understrand what I mean.

Her fall winter 2008-2009 collect put me under a spell Espacially that rrreeeddd jacket ! Olé!

Sa collection printemps-été 2009 sort à peine. humm, superbe mais moins pour moi. Voici les trois pièces que je préfère dans cette nouvelle collection.

Her new spring-summet 2009 juste came out... humm superbe but a little less for moi. Here are my favourite pieces among all the new ones.

Qui vous inspire ce printemps ? Quel est votre designer local le plus génial ?

Who inspires you this spring ? Who is the local designer that makes you dream ?

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5 commentaires

  1. J'adore all the curves and ruffles!! The website is full of pretty creations. Thanks for sharing a Montreal treasure, Anne!!
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal, too

  2. The collection is fabulous, I love the color black and the cuts are very originals. This week has been in Madrid Cibeles Fashion Week, and designers who have inspired me were Hannibal Laguna, Sita Murt or Juana Martín.

  3. I am glad you have liked.
    Here the climate is very mild, it seems that we leave the winter and spring arrives, in Malaga, where I live, today we enjoyed a wonderful 18 degrees ... jejeje ... how about Montreal?

  4. Anne .- bonne inspiration pour la mode canadienne. merci.

    J'ai envoyé trois des noms les plus reconnus dans la ville de Barcelone. J'espère que vous apprécierez.

  5. I wasn't familiar with the work of Marie St-Pierre, and I'm loving it! Thank you for showing these beautiful creations!


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