Une petite jupe et puis s'en va...

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Ahh, je vous épargnerai les milles et une péripéties entourant la confection de cette jupe. Le patron Vogue 2813 m'a servi de guide dans cette aventure délirantes. J'ai navigué de mauvais plis en mauvais plis jusqu'à ce que je réussise à matter le tout. Pour les détails, je vous invite à lire les détails sur Sewing Pattern Review. Sinon, ce message serait interminable.

Pour ce projet j'ai utilisé un crêpe italien de fibres synthétiques. La bande contrastante sur laquelle se juxtaposent devant et dose et faite de cotton et lycra. La doublure Bemberg termine la finition intérieure. Je la porte ici avec une chandail de rayonne et lycra, un tricot merveilleux à coudre et porter. Patron Jalie 2805.

I will not tell you all the trouble I have had while sewing this skirt. Sighs, sorrows, frustration and then joy were part of the creation process. I do not think that DKNY intended her pattern to be that much trouble. I use the Vogue 2813 for this project. The front and back part of the skirt are in italian synthetic crepe and they butt over a cotton and lycra band. The lining finishes the interior and is made with Bemberg lining fabric. Nothing fancy there.

I am wearing the skirt with a pull I made with Jalie 2805 in rayon and lycra knit. This knit is a pure beauty to sew and wear.

Finalement, j'aime cette jupe et je la porterai souvent. À Montréal, elle est idéal pour l'entre saison.

Here is a short Friday night note from a much tired woman. Have a super week-end.

A little post scriptum for my friend Rhonda. The top picture you like so much, was inspired by the type of fashion photography Richard Avedon made in the early days of his career. I like the simplicity of the pauses they took back then. See for your self here.

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9 commentaires

  1. Beautiful skirt. Too bad you had so much trouble with the pattern. You look great in that pose, too!

  2. Oh Anne, I also followed Avedon's work with awe!! "THE" fashion photographer, I say!
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  3. What a special skirt, pity for all the hard work, but it paid off. Great picture too.

  4. The skirt looks great. Too bad it was frustrating, however well worth it! I love the pink lining.

  5. Ohhhh, It's magnificent!!! Congratulations!

  6. Anne .- J'aime la jupe et tout le style, avec le swueter rose "shocking". J'aime cette couleur. ahhh .. et les collants sont fantastiques.

    a bientôt, Paco

  7. Anne, I love the skirt and the Missoni! Très bien! And your photos! You look like a fashion model.

  8. Sometimes we initiated projects without knowing what problems are going to find ... I hope that you all have forgotten the pains of creation because the skirt is fabulous.

  9. Very sexy and elegant this skirt! I love your combination, the flower collants and the pink blouse!


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