Who is a Plus size model and who is a minus size model ?

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For many years I was a fanatic reader of Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and so forth. I would spend lots of money of fashion magazine, on clothes as well as spending so much time thinking about my look. These days, I have less time for all that. These days, I am unfaithful to those paper magazines. I often prefer to surf on the Net. From time, to time, I feel guilty not to support the local version of Elle or Clin d'oeil (another local fashion magazine). So last week, I bought the December issue of Elle Québec.

On the collaborator's page, there is a short note on Crystal Renn, one of the most famous, and I quote, "Plus Size" model in the world. PLUS SIZE MODEL !! Are they out of their mind ? If Crystal Renne was once a plus model, she no longer is. I would rather say that she is a beautifully shape NORMAL woman. Hello any body home?

Elle Québec had previously issued a bathing suit report featuring Crystal. She was so elegantly photographed. I loved her fully curved body and I never for a minute thought she could be classified as Plus Size. It is only DH who made me realized that she looked healthy and sexy, with her normal shape ;_)

This month, she is back in a beautiful Red Dress report... but tell me, what is Plus Size in her curves. Humm I would rather give her an A+ for beauty, natural look and great curves. Don't we want more of that type of model in magazines?
In my point of view, if this is their definition of Plus, the following type a silhouette is then Normal. Well according to me, that type of look is definitely a MINUS.
But then again, this is a question of perception. (Garment by Chloé A-2010) Let's promote healthy images of woman who have an BMI between 19 and 25. This young woman should gain 20 pounds, practice sport, built her lean body mass to be able to age better and not suffer of osteoporosis, go to bed early and laugh more ... Yes this is a judgment I publicly make... that of make as well.


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  1. Bravo!! And let's see a few post-menopausal models. A bit of tum. I/we feel abandoned by the Fashion world. Not old, not teens ;)
    Warm greetings,


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