Today is UFO day

10 h 53

On my Facebook page, I mentioned that my empire waist knit dress was almost done. I just had to choose a proper hemming technique. Initially, I had plan to fold in the lila/grey line inside and hem this way. When I finished the dress, I thought that this pale line at the bottom finished the dress perfectly.

Finally I made a rolled hem using my old Janome machine (it is now 25 years old). I love my Baby lock Enlighten, but the roll hem is nice on my Janome... I think that the needle plate you need to use with the roll hem makes the difference.

Now I have to hem the sleeves with an invisible hand stitch and ta da ! The dress is done. I am in love with it. As soon as DH has a minute, I will post many pictures of many pieces I finished in the past month or so.

Since today is UFO day, I will be working on my Vogue 8333 jacket.

I started this jacker a year ago in a sewing class. That costly class was a big deception. Not that the school was not good but their pedagogic method was not adapted for me. I was going too slow, a great majority of the ladies in my group seemed to be there more for social reasons then to learn sewing. We all work on different project at our rhythm and I often had to wait to speak with the teacher. In brief I did not enjoy it.

Because of that, I have not work on my jacket for months. In other point that irrated me was that the teacher made me correct the sleeve's width and head's hight. Who was I to contradict her instructions? Nobody... So I did not contradict her and I ended with a sleeve that falls very badly.
If you look on the picture, you will see that I correct back the right sleeve and it falls much better while the left one is to high and as way too much amplitude in the back part.

Front of the jacket

Today, I am:
  1. taking off the left sleeve
  2. sliming it of 1 cm in the top and lowering it in the centre top of 1 cm as well
  3. sewing the tailor collar on the jacket and on the facing
  4. after, I will see.
This jacket has very pocket details. Though my version looks the same, I skipped the pocket, it was too small to be worth the trouble.

The fabric used for this project is a very nice soft textured wool with medium drape. The texture is illustrated in the following picture.


Tonight, in the none UFO department, I will trace this top's pattern in Burda.

What are you working on? Leave me the address of your blog (if not in my list) so that I can read about your work.


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6 commentaires

  1. Looking forward to seeing the knit dress on you--SEAMS like a very different style for you.
    As for classes, after paying the same as a beginner sewing machine, all I got was that I was the brunt of group-shared insults... Won't do THAT again anytime soon, eh...
    In my Studio, I've started altering between one new/one UFO project (someone's idea, but don't remember who to credit :/)
    Warm greetings,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  2. I am sorry to ear that you also had a negative experience in a sewing class :-( As for the dress' style, you will see this is totally me ;-)

  3. I own Vogue 8333, but have yet to work up the courage to use it. I am looking forward to your journey. So far it looks great!

  4. Wow, that dress is stunning. Be sure to post pics of you wearing it!

  5. I love a rolled hem when it benefits the overall motion of the garment. And oh, your dress is lovely! I have the Vogue 8333 but had not seen the pocket detail, it's lovely but I agree, it's time to finish this one and wear it this winter.

  6. The knit dress fabric is amazing and I love that jacket pattern. Can't wait to see it finished.


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