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I spent sometime today on Ze Sartorialist blog as dinner was being cooked in the oven... I candidly listen to this video and really flipped over two affirmations:

1. Paying 8 000$ for a coat !!!

2. Having over 300 pair of shoes and about the same amount of purses !!!

Hello futile and over consuming world, the other half is starving! Sorry, I am far from being mother Theresa, but it sincerely bugs me when people are over doing it.

Oh my ! ...

Tell me you do not have 300 pair of shoes.

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4 commentaires

  1. Brava! Our consumerism is totally outrageous and needs to be opposed again and again.

  2. I believe quality is economy, but BUY IT ON SALE and WEAR IT FOR A LIFETIME AND THEN PASS IT ON.

    And for heck's sake-who can ever wear 300 pair shoes??
    And $8000 for a coat???

  3. Yup. Those girls are crazy. But what is The Sartorialist doing? Does he celebrate this or is he intentionally letting them make themselves look ridiculous?

  4. I don't know Kay ? I like that Blog very much but, the video I watched so far present people who sound very superficial :-( I am a bit deceived. Street fashion in my point of view is all about being wise and mix new pieces with little treasure you find here and there for a good price. Oh well, I misinterpreted his site I guess.


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