Two more UFO's done, finished, completed !

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Resolutions are not at common for me. I tend to think that my life is conducted on a rather disciplined tempo. Therefore, I never felt I had to take resolutions... except, may be for this year...

...Resolution Z1A19: Finish sewing projects that have been standing there for too long, sometimes for years.

My motivation: 1) have enough clothes to go to work, 2) finish outfits before the other garment (the one that I finished) starts to be too worn-out, 3) have them finished before they are out of style. Those reasons sound good and above all, they are not entangle with guilt which is a none constructive feeling in my point of view... unless one has committed a crime.

Are UFO's a crime? NO ... well at least not yet.

So in the list of the freshly finished garments we have today :

A) One Burda jacket started in March 2009...(8018 view B) Yes, yes, yes in March 2009 ... See the post I wrote at the moment. I cannot believe I waited that long to hand sew the lining to the hem of the jacket and the hem of the sleeve. Then I just had to make the button holes and sew the buttons. Oh my my... My desire to wear this jacket was not strong enough, until this week. One movie Friday night to sew the lining and today for the rest, was done today. I am happy it is done. It is only asking to be worn.

This is the look of my version.

Fabric: Prada wool knit bought at Emma One Sock. It has very little stretch.

Bemberg lining in red and the T-shirt is a Jalie pattern 2805 . That gorgeous knit is from Roberto Cavalli again bought at Emma One Sock.

I am thinking of making pants in a very dark olive green or very dark khaki. The decision is not taken yet. The fabric far from being found. Meanwhile, jeans are nice with it, brown leather pants as well. Or the skirt that I made with the same fabric ??? According to me, it is to much of a little pejoratively cute outfit.

B) The second jacket I so kindly stopped from being alone and unfinished in my closet is also from Burda. Bruda Fashion Magazine 2008-01-117 .

I used a beautiful linen fabric bought at the (soon closed) Madeleine Soie et Laine. The fabric was too busy to add the front and back "flaps" they designed for it.

I used the "Underlinning - Hong Kong finish all in one step" to finish the body of the jacket. This technique is very well explained by Laura on her blog.

Clic on the following picture to see the result.
I am in love with the jacket. Is it a mix of girly fabric and sporty jacket. Girly - Sporty, that could be used to describe me... may be ... I call this fabric "Breakfast at Tiffany's". The ladies drawn on the fabric remind of the Audrey Hepburn in this classical movie. A movie in to which, I often dreamt of jumping in...

The snaps are from the so great Prym company. The lining is a texture men lining. Those are so easy to work with. They have enough weight and crisp. This pattern is very interesting. I strongly recommend it. It was not meant to be lined. I will soon post my review on PR for both garments, so you will see more picture of the inside.

The jacket is meant to be worn with this red linen dress.

I also have enough linen for a pair of pants... those still inhabit the galaxy of my sewing dreams ... shall be done one day may be in 2011. Who knows? I also have a beautiful off white silk knit for a t-shirt.

That's it for tonight.


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5 commentaires

  1. The Burda jacket is stunning. What is the finish around the edges?

  2. I love the olive green jacket the best! The Breakfast at Tiffany's is gorgeous too!

  3. Absolutely chic and professional looking. Love the peekaboo lining!

  4. Not completed UFOs... New expressions of Anne-Marie!! ;)
    Warm greetings, Rhonda

  5. Gail, are you talking about the green jacket? The green one is a knit and the edges are raw. I used a neat pseudo "coverstitch" as decorative stitch.


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