I love my boots

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Just a little note to introduce my new Lucchese's boots. I am so in love with them. They are very comfortable

Dress: Wool double knit in Vogue 7898
Cape: Vogue 7110 (OOP for at least 15 years ;-)
Boot: Lucchese's English riding boot
Hat: A good friend found it in a flea market in Paris 
Belt: Muse Belts on Etsy

Belt from Muse Belt on ETSY

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10 commentaires

  1. Tan and grey are fabulous together. You have every reason to love those boots - they are amazing.

  2. Wow, what an outfit! The boots and the hat fit perfectly with this look.
    Very classy!

  3. Oh! Wow! Love all these photos ... you are so smart ... so .. Paris! Yes, the boots are wonderful, but you dazzles all with your smile!

  4. Love the look, but as the frock is belted in the photos, I'm curious to know what you have done where the original design has the D ring and tie?

  5. To Decima, the D ring is there, bu hidden buy the belt. I prefer the dress wiyh a belt.


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