After my winter coat, what am I working on

14 h 21

I finished my Burda 8017 winter coat and I love the final result. I should be posting picture of me wearing really soon.

Today, is a fun day designing a dress that will be done in wool jersey. It is inspired of those two wonderful Marie Saint-Pierre creations.

1) this dress I have already spoke about in this blog from the winter 2008-2009 collection


2) this dress part of the  Spring 2012 collection. 

It will be cut in the next hour or so. ahhh pleasure in creating the clothes I want !!

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4 commentaires

  1. Bravo pour ton manteau achevé !
    J'ai vraiment hâte de le voir porté.

  2. Your coat looks fabulous I look forward to seeing more photos. What are the closeurs, magnets?

  3. Yes Ruth, those a magnet closures from Prym. I think they sell them for purses. I like them very much. They give a nice look to the coat.

  4. From the little I see it is a beautiful coat. I am looking forward to seeing more photographs. I love the colour.


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