The new hair cut part 2

19 h 44

I thank you all for helping me selecting a new hair cuts for me. The final decision came to Angelo, my hair dresser. I showed him the pictures, he read your comments and came up with this cut.

I like the final look and so did Angelo. He enjoys having plenty of latitude and above all changing my hair style every second cut or so. DH seems to be pleased as well. This length is excellent under a bicycle helmet...  since I spend all my summer weekends with one of those on, it better make for my lifestyle.

The pictures are snapshots taken at home after a day of work and wearing a beret (my staple hat among all). The sun rays are very oblique. After almost a year of being straiten with an flat iron, my hair will take a bit more fluff after two wash.

The picture that shows best my cut is the following one. I was against the sun light and I did not stop talking....  though I should have...  This is what it gives, but I like it any way.

Voilà une autre !!

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6 commentaires

  1. Adorable et très gamine!

  2. I love it. By coincidence, I read an article on a similar topic--you might find it of interest.


    Rose in SV

  3. Bonjour à vous.
    Je suis contente d'avoir trouvé votre blog; car ts les blogs couture intéressants sont souvent en anglais,
    Je reviendrai vous rendre visite
    à bientot


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