Twiggy and my new hair cut

22 h 07

I need a new hair cut like you would not believe !!!!!!!  The last style was this one.

oh well it grew longer, I had my hair cut again at least 3 or 4 times the same way. Since I am the type of person who enjoys changing heads every 6 months, after a big 10 months, I am tired and I need change.

Therefore, I have been on a thinking mode for at least 3 weeks... my hair is getting longer, I cut my bangs ...  and I look terrible now.

I so much need a hair cut !  Ohh next Saturday, I am sitting on the hair dresser's chair that's for sure.

Here are the cuts I was thinking about:

Haircut 1.

Haircut 2a Katie Holmes

Haircut 2b Katie Holmes

Haircut 3

Haircut 4 (taken on the Sartorialist)

Haircut 5 (taken on the Sartorialist)

Haircut 6 (taken on the Glamourai)

Haircut 6a (taken on the Glamourai)

Haircut 7 (taken on the Sartorialist)

Haircut 8 (from the Sartorialist)

Haircut 9 (taken on the Sartorialist)

Haircut 10 (taken on the net ??)

So tell me which number you prefer. DH favourite is number 10 and second favourite is number 1.

Then, what is the link with Twiggy. I could not remember the exact haircut Twiggy had in the 1960's. I knew it was from Vidal Sassoon, but how was it really?  While searching for Twiggy's hair bob, I found this four fascinating pictures of her getting her legendary make up ready.  Oh my, I never dared to wear "fake lashes". But did she ever wear those well !! I hope you will enjoy the pictures as much as I did.

Taken on Flickr and the credit is not given :_(( Not fair for the photographer

Don't forget to cast your votes for the hair cut.

One detail might explain why those pictures are representing brunets, I use to be one before my hair turn prematurely grey... and no I will not dye my hair ;-)  

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5 commentaires

  1. Haircut 2B. Your face has a similar shape, it is darling.

  2. I really like 2a and think it would look fabulous on you. If you choose 2a, you can always do 2b as well.

  3. I like 10. It's easyer to wear than the others

  4. No 1 or 10. You have the perfect bone structure for such classic styles. I'm sure any one of the styles will look good on you.

  5. Love Twiggy's eyeliner in the crease. As for the hair - well, I can see why Hubby likes #10 - she has your smile! I think 6+7 would have much the same effect.


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