Threading Ze Cover Stitch machine !

22 h 59

Did I say that last summer I bought one Baby lock 4 thread overlock (the Enlighten) and one Cover Stitch machine from the same company? I inherited a little bit of money and I thought it would be a good investment. Well it is indeed.

The only draw back: threading the Cover Stitch correctly is NOT that easy. Grrr

Oh my, my, I just spent 30 minutes trying to find what was wrong with my machine or the way I threaded. Jeanne from Jalie Pattern once told me that when the stitching is wrong underneath there is a problem with the top threads.

She was right the thread did not go through the tension node corectly. 30 minutes of cover stitch waisted :-(

Front dart done on both sides on my Burda 8018. That's it for tonight. (I cut all pieces yesterday).

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  1. You are so lucky to have a coverstitch. I bought a Baby Lock imagine which I adore, but couldn't afford the coverstitch version. I'm on the look out for a separate coverstitch machine.


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