Coverstitch help needed !!

12 h 04

Ladies, I need tips on how to properly cover stitch the pockets of my jacket. Does any one have a tutorial to suggest ? I am struggling with this aspect of my project. I need to cover stitch the pockets and the flaps (round shape in both cases) before going any further.

I am willing to transform the flaps and pockets into square ones if you have tips for cover stitching perfect corners. I really need HELP ! with this one.

Thank you in anticipation for your generosity.

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3 commentaires

  1. Sorry, I do not have this machine ... I think Gigi's blog (Behind the seams) ... there is a tutorial about this.

    See you soon ..... See you in Barcelona..!!!

  2. I can't help with a tutorial, but wanted to how much I love the jacket.

  3. Eeee, sorry I did not see this post sooner. I used cover stitch in many of my educational materials designs and found that I could do corners only by carefully lifting the foot and placing the needles where they should be, stitch by stitch, by hand. I love the stitch so much I did it anyway. Practice? Yeah.


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