Getting ready for Barcelona !

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For spring break this year, I had offer my son a trip to Bonaire. I wanted to introduce him to snorkelling in a paradisaical setting.

Very kindly my 13 year-old son, who dreams to be an architect, asked if we could travel to Barcelona instead. He wanted to see and visit Gaudi's creations. This trip was originally plan for him. Then, how could I say no to a destination that would please him more ?

We started planning last Septembre. The airplane ticket has been bought last fall and we reserved the apartment in Eixampe, a trendy area of Barcelona according to my Lonely Planet travelling guide.

I revised my wardrobe and though of what I should bring. I enjoy travelling very light. My son and I will be there for 7 days and there is a washing machine in the flat. So for both of us a small 23 inches suit case, one cabin tote and a messenger bag will be way enough. Clothes wise, we don't want to be spotted as tourists who carry lost of money. So jeans and simple clothes will be brought along.

In Montreal I wear lost of outdoors type of clothes, but in Europe this is not as trendy. The great outdoors are a little further away from the city.

So quick, I am putting away my current sewing project to make one little wool fleece jacket and one pair of black cotton pants.

For the jacket, I will use my Burda 8018 pattern. Fast and effective. I have in hand a double face wool fleece with nylon mesh on the other side. This fabric will be nice to wear over a long sleeve t-shirt and won't have such a sporty look. Top stitch in light grey will give it a nice look.

Here is a close look of the fabric
(click to see better).

For the second project. I don't know yet which pattern I will use. I am leaving on February 25 so there not that much time left. I wanted to sew pants with in seam side pocket, a front fly and welt pockets in the back but just the welt pockets take to much time :-(. Humm the black bottom weight cotton may be use for an easier pattern. I have this nice Burda pattern (those pants pattern fit me perfectly) I had transformed to create this effectThe only difference with those pants is a centre front seam that add a little texture and allows me to take the dart away. Those pants and very quickly sewn. So it will be my choice. One pair of black pants, one pair of jeans, my little fleece jacket, one jeans jacket to wear with the black pants, t-shirts (all black easier to match), one pair of black booties, my son's dress simply as well. Off we go!!!

I will also bring my little camera (the Nikon D40 is to big to be discreet and light) a Canon S95 that shoots beautifully in RAW format and my Cocotte Équipement messenger bag made in Montreal from recycled nylon ( I am in love with that bag) to carry the water bottles, the camera, the guide and the map. Speaking of maps, did you notice the silk map in the first picture ? This is a replicate of huge silk maps pilots had in the second world war. Silk does not get thorn or wet. This is a nice scarf as well...

I am ready and so much looking forward to that trip. I hope Paco will have time to come and fabric shop with me. Ole !

p.s. A Cocotte is pine cone...

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8 commentaires

  1. What a NEAT silk map!!!
    Have a WONDERFUL, enriching, relaxing, exhilarating, bonding, sensuous, whatamImissing? time!!!
    xx, Rhonda

  2. Have a wonderful trip with your son.

    Look forward to hearing all about your fabric shopping with Paco :)

  3. I'm going to southern Spain in April so I understand your excitement. I'd love to see the pants - those are a fabulous pattern. Great jacket, too.

  4. Bon voyage! Your wardrobe will be perfect - simple yet stylish. That fabric is a perfect choice for the jacket I think. Your map can double as a scarf :) Please don't forget to post pictures of your sewing projects and your trip.

  5. Have a some fabric to bring back???

  6. @Kay I promiss to give more details than I usually do.

    @Joanne, yes I will buy fabric at Gratacos... but not too much, the trip is already a big spending.

  7. I'll be interested in your Barcelona fabric tips, as I'm planning a visit in January.

  8. Bon Voyage!!!!
    Je sens que la carte bleue va fumer avec l'aide de Paco!!!!


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