Burda 8018 - I am getting there

21 h 45

As Mary Beth said practice was the only way to succeed in" cover stitching" the pockets. I must have spent 2 hours sewing samples. Ô did I not think twice when I chose to use the under part of the cover stitch. I had to sew blindly the right side of the pockets. Nevertheless, I consider that differences that are under 2 mm from one pocket to other (width, height of the pocket etc.) are not worth mentioning. Though the picture gives you the impression that those pockets are not at the same level, they are.

So I went further with the rest. Now the sleeves are hand basted and I am waiting tomorrow morning to finish it. Please note that I have to trim the seam allowance. The final look will be like the green one I sew.

Then the pants will be made.

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5 commentaires

  1. Those look fabulous, especially for sewing blind!

  2. It's lookin good so far. Good luxk on the home stretch.

  3. My goodness, this is excellent. I understand how much work it is, too! So sporty and mmmm, dashing (I hope that's the right word)

  4. Wow! That is really well done A-M!

  5. This project looks great, I hope you are very happy in the days of your vacation in Barcelona!


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