Osé le Rose - Daring Pink

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Source: inslee.net via Patti on Pinterest

I think that a long time ago I mentioned that I really love Neu4baeur a blog owned by Thea, the most charming German woman I have never met :-). Thea is also linked to Pinterest, a site where members pin on a numerical bulletin board, things they love. Clear as mud ?? take a look at the site, you will understand and fall in love with lots of items and members as well.

So the link with Pink ... ?? Thea posted on her blog the drawing of a magnificent Pink (with a big P because it is so Pink) raincoat. Ohh, I am always or almost always dressed in Black. I am tired of it. I want colours. I want a Pink raincoat like this one. It would be so beautiful with the dress and jacket I am working on.

What do you think. Do you like Pink ? Where can I fin that fabric ???????? OH lala, I have a perfect pattern for it in Burda.

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7 commentaires

  1. Oh Anne-Marie!! What a BEAUTIFUL colour, eh!! And so very cheery for a dull, drippy day;)...
    Maybe someone on St-Hubert has fabric? GorgeousFabric.com?
    oo, Rhonda

  2. Pink is my fabric color after black. I just bought some pink rayon/linen raffia from EOS.
    Maybe Linda could look for you?

  3. Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics has a wool crepe: http://www.gorgeousfabrics.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=10417
    EmmaOneSock has a pink matelesse:
    Fabricmart has a salmon raincoating:
    St Hubert street has lots of great stores. I'm sure you'll make something wonderful!

  4. Merci beaucoup!!!! ;) Thank you so much for the lovely blog post (I feel quite honoured to be called 'a charming German' ;). And thank you so much for your little snippet of 'rose story'! That experience sounds wonderful!

    Have a great day and 'see' you soon!
    Warmest, Theresa

  5. Of course I took it as you wrote it!!! I had a good chuckle about this! I also love these "friends" you find online. Since I started blogging I feel so much more confident than before and I love reading about your life and the lifes of so many other inspiring people!

    I will try to exude more positive energy!! Have a wonderful evening (or day or so)!
    Deine deutsche Theresa!

  6. Mmm! That's a delicious color!! Please encourage you to do something in that color and I'll look in my stash to see that meeting ... I have in mind a simple dress in hot pink with white Peter Pan collar, embroidered ... Do we make something pink together?? As a sew along, but each with a different garment ...

  7. Rosy, that would be so fun. I have to finish my dress and jacket first. After those two pieces, I am on for Pink sew along. I will start looking for a nice fabric. That is fun Rosy.


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