Fitting Vogue 8146 for my "Chanel" outfit

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I thank Sue for her pattern suggestion. She had suggested the Simplicity 2404 pattern to make my dress. since I decided on having the black piece above my chest, I finally stay with my initial pattern choice. Never the less, the Simplicity option will be in my next project for sure.

Today was muslin fitting day. Oh my, am I ever happy to have done a muslin. I usually cut my pattern with the following combinations of sizes: size 10 for the chest, size 6 for the waist and size 8 for the hips. This time it did not work as well as usual though the finished size indicated on the pattern matched my plan.

Here is the result with my comments on the pictures. Click to see better.

For the front I have to cut at least one size smaller for the top front part. I have 1.5 cm to take off. Keep in mind that I was looking for a close to very close fitting for this dress. The the breast area needs to be tighten, the waist is fine and the hips... need one size bigger.

For fitting the back, DH helped me. Please don't laugh at his fabric pinching in the neck area ;-)) This is far from being his favourite activity.Note here that I need to correct the neckline ... Don't worry, it will be more symmetrical. He is really kind to help me. I will not complain. As usual, I should have made a sway back correction... and maybe take fabric off in the centre back or deepen the dart. Hips need to be a bit enlarged. This pattern did not have volumes as other have. This is strange.

The neckline was higher initially. I should have left it where is was. Next time I will correct that after fitting ;-) I had made this correction after I read comments on Pattern Review that it was too big. What is good for Jane is not necessarily good for me. Corrections and cutting fabric will be done today.

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3 commentaires

  1. ...Thank goodness for muslin's :)
    your fitting changes look great.

  2. I sure see often how you VERY good "sewers" feel a muslin is sew very important, eh! A short diversion that insures a much, much better result ;)
    Warm greetings,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR), who USED to need a size 6 waist, too :/

  3. Thank you so very much for your lovely comment on Neu4bauer! I really appreciate it and am so thankful that you like what I am posting from my little life in Leipzig ;) Have a wonderful week!!
    Yours, Theresa


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