To quilt or not to quilt the dress's lining

19 h 06

I finished cutting and marking all pieces for my dress (V8146). The top part is cut in left of over crepe use for a previous project (pants for DS). The lining pieces are also cut. Since this bouclé is very soft and thin, I know that I will be quilting the lining to the jacket pieces, but my question is: "Should I quilt the lining to the dress as well?" Has one of you ever done that? Oh big question.

I know that Birgitte, the author of the so excellent blog Bubblegum4Breakfast had done it on a skirt (lucky daughter to have such a generous and talented mother) Here is the interior look of the skirt

The result is wonderful. Anything Birgitte does is wonderful, anyway. If it works on a skirt. Why not doing it on a dress? I will give it a try on scrap of fabric and then decide.

What do you think?

My lining is not silk charmeuse. I don't think my fabric was worth enough for that. I use a beautiful serged bemberg lining that will do the trick.

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4 commentaires

  1. Wow- it looks depends if you wnat to do the work.....
    The fabric is LOVELY.

  2. In my humble opinion, yes you should quilting ... work is enormous, but your clothing will have greater stability and wear resistance to it will not deform over time. Looking forward your work to see what decision you make and enjoy the final result. Great job!

  3. Yes, quilt it! Boucle is such a notoriously shifty fabric. I just finished my boucle Chanel jacket and quilted the entire garment. It make such a difference when you're wearing it. You deserve pure luxury!

  4. It depends on what you are makink. Quilting is great for garments where you want fluid movement -
    Chanel cardigan style jackets and skirts. I think it is worth doing for a dress.


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