Coup de coeur - Very favourite

10 h 38

Everyday, or almost everyday, I post on my Facebook page a fashion picture that represents the fashion "Coup de coeur" of the day or Very Favourite in English I think.

Today, the coup de coeur was full of humour and very French - or very French cancan. This dress is part of Jean Paul Gauthier's spring 2011 collection. I hope to make you smile with this posture full of humour and French history.

On a more "serious" note, this weekend, I had the time to cut the muslin for my "Chanel" dress, sew the muslin for my Burda winter coat and to trace a top pattern Kay landed me two years ago... Talk about procrastination !!!

If DH is free one night this week, I will post pictures of both muslins.

And you, what are you working on ? What are your fashion coup de coeur ?

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  1. Yeah! That picture so much fun! Looking forward to see your work on the sewing table.


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