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I had bought this pink and black blouclé at Emma One Sock some 2 or even years ago. Originally, I had bought the fabric to make a DKNY outfit from Vogue (1067). As it often happen, I grew out of this project, jumped on another one and left the fabric all nicely folded in my fabric closet.

I would sometimes look at it and thought I could give it away or donate it for Kay's Fabric Flee Market or leave it there until I like it again.

The miracle happened. After reading Tany's excellent blog, I decided to mix Celine's style from spring 2010 with a touch of Chanel, to create an outfit I like...

Often on EOS's site, they recommend to dry clean fabrics. After washing a little square of it, I was amazed of I well it reacted. There it was all in the machine a delicate. It came out without wrinkles just nicely fluffier. I left dry in the air. Amazing, this fabric is amazing. Easy washing, fast drying and no ironing required. Oh My, I call that perfection in the fabric department. Perfect to for work !!

I cut part of my muslin tonight, the rest will be done Thursday and soon sewn.

As I said before, the jacket is based on a Burda pattern (BWF 2010-11-104) and one Etro jacket I saw at Holt Renfrew. They use bands of fabric with beaded trims. I wonder if the fabric bands are on bias or not ??? The fabric use for the trim is the same as the one use in this skirt project.

I know I said it, I am very much exited about this project.

photo credit: Etro.it

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  1. This promises to be a great project, looking forward to see the result, I can not wait ....


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