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I briefly introduced the fact that I am very bad at drawing. Being a shame of my huge lack of skills in that matter, I often mention to my work colleagues that I cannot draw... while Working in a faculty of architecture, interior design and industrial design could give any one or many ones serious doubts on their drawing ability. In my case, it did the inverse.

Professors told me that very talented students arrived in their program with zero back ground in drawing, with no perception of perspective. For those professors, drawing nicely is mainly a question of observation, practice and creativity. They strongly encourage me in giving my self a chance by simply taking a pencil, paper and time.

My second source of inspiration was watching Paco Peralta drawing. It seemed so easy... I though I could at least draw like 1/100 of what he does and I would be happy.

Yesterday I drew my first dress in a decent way for a forty something neophyte. Today I bought a book about fashion drawing. I read it in the metro while coming back home. I quickly has dinner to try their tips.

I am launching my self in public... The posture of the model in this picture inspired me:

And this is my first attempt of sketching a human posture just for the fun of it. Not perfect, I agree... but so much better than what I have done in my entire life ... :-) I have to redo the waist slop it is inverted and the angle of the hips. More time spend in this tonight.
I think this is fun ... in 20 years I will be not bad !

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  1. I love your new pursuit! You've done a beautiful job capturing the proportions and the posture of this model. It reminds me to pick up a pencil myself and do some drawing again. It makes you use your eye and mind very differently and I find it calming.


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