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22 h 24

As I said I would, I finished both my wool fleece jacket and my Chanel inspired sailor pants. I will not present this jacket as a total sucess. Let say that it is not bad, but not as perfect as I would like it to be.

First of all, using a coverstitch machine to decorate strait lines is not a difficult thing. Theoratically, you start and finish a vertical line down at the hem and you are suppose to either take the extra threads and insert them in the seam (not possible on the right side of your garment) or make a knot... Which I did. Well the knot did not stay with me, the decorative stitch then decided on leaving my jacket to hang loose in the atmosphere. Of course this is what I wanted!!

The other thing that does NOT please me at all is that, you cannot, not, not, not, redo a little part of your decorative stitch ( I used the underside as the top stitch). You did a tiny booboo... Well, ripe the stitch and do it all over again Sam !!!

The other challenge was making curves blindly. You probably wonder what I mean here. Well, if you use the underside of the cover stitch, stitch, well the top of your jacket is underneath and the inside is on the top... oh this is very funny in curves !!!

The last thing that bugs me with this cover stitch... forget about Velcro any wear near your garment. A subtle scratch and your seam is ruined.

As my dear friend Annette says, this jacket will be used to walk the dog... humm does any one have a dog I could walk? The only thing that made me feel good was that Paco Peralta told me (when I was over at his place ha ah) that it happens to him as well not to succeed with a garment... I am checking is garbage ever since ...

The other project I was planning was a pair of sailor pants based on Chanel's model of Spring 2010. Those pants are wonderful!!!! I love them. They are made in stretch cotton of medium weight. I love the fit and style. If I stop running, skiing or cycling during weekends, you get pictures of the 10 last garments I finished, did not review on PR and did not take pictures of.

Those pants have a centre front seam, two functional side openings (one on each side of course) and strait legs from the thigh down. The centre front seam replaces the dart in the upper side (just under the waist line). The back as one dart on each side. I drew them my self as I wanted them.

Since my jacket is not the success I wanted, I need a sugar pie type of garment. I have a dress in mind I though I could draw and sew. Usually, I am reluctant in drawing anything... but... I looked at Paco drawing a jacket for me and thought I could give it a try as well.

Please do not laugh, I have never drew anything since kindergarten and I have never been good at it. This is my first attempt in fashion drawing.

This is the dress I drew tonight. I have this nice and light black and pink bouclé. I want to use it with a plain black top, maybe in very light Ultrasuede, an empire waist and the bottom in bouclé. I got inspiration from Holt Renfrew for that jacket that will go with it. It is a garment from Etro.

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3 commentaires

  1. I'm sew impressed at how you've just come home from Europe and are 200% involved in projects at home already!!
    Looking forward--as always--to see your new ideas and creations.
    Warm greetings,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  2. You are so funny! I laughed out loud :) You could wear your jacket anywhere as long as you keep moving fast. Grandma used to say, "Can't tell the difference on a galloping horse!"

    Some commercial coverstitch machines can do top stitching and some can do both top and under stitch. Ah, the thrill of production...

  3. I love your jacket - I think we sewers are always too hard on ourselves in our striving for perfection.


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