Des photos du Haut Burda - The BWOF top, more pictures

15 h 25

Just a few more pictures !

It is soft and light, perfect for hot summer days at homes or at a gardent party.

For more fit at the waist level, you need to tigh it more. By doing so, you loose a bit of arm amplitude.


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5 commentaires

  1. Really pretty, Anne!! And the top, too!! ;) You just blew the "rule" that petites can't wear large-scaled prints well!!
    Enjoy the compliments.
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  2. Hello Rhonda, humm I did know that such a rule existed. Anyway, by definition, I am a rule breaker as far as fashion goes. Plus at 5'5'' I never considered my self petite ut average height. Hope you are well !

  3. I looked at this pattern and thought it would probably only look great on the model. Well no - it looks great on you too. It is so simple for spring I may now try my own.

  4. J'aime énormément. Magnifique et très beau travail!!! Il vous va si bien.


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