Who knew that sewing could be addictive

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Bekeley bra patten from Orange Lingerie - panties are self draft
Lingerie  - one real passion
In my life, sewing is a passion that goes beyond the hobby status. When you get to wear the fruits of your hobby, the practical dimension of it changes the perspective. I don't only sew to relax, but also to create and wear clothes that are really me. Sewing is a form of expression. May be not a form of art, as I consider my self more of an artisan.

Bra making came into my life a few years ago as I took a sewing class with my friend Carmen. She was visiting Boston and registered to the excellent class Norma Loehr (Orange Lingerie) now teaches in many locations in the US. I joined the class and my first steps into bra making were painful. I had such a bad and old machine, which was totally unsuitable for sewing lace. After sewing 2-3 bras and a major change of sewing machine, I was hooked. Seriously hooked, I even dream about it from time to time.

My professional life involves very long work hours and one of the best ways to relax at night is to plan my next bra project. I feel empowered by this activity. Collecting images for my bra making mood board, choosing the pattern, adjusting it, cutting the fabric, sew the bra and wearing at the end the fruit of my imagination just fills me with pride. This pride is even stronger than when I sew clothes. Funny, since I am the only one who sees my DIY lingerie.

The last set I have sewn is called Provence. The name came from the lavender lace I used for the project.

So far, I made bras either with the Malborough or the Boylston bra patterns both from Orange Lingerie. This time I tried the Berkeley.

Berkeley bra in lavender stretch lace
Description of the set
This pattern has the advantage of being designed for stretch lace. You may add an internal power bar for more support.Which I skipped. The lower cup piece is lined with stable fabric for more support and to keep your breast at the right place. As you see, the stretch lace is also used for the band. To stabilize the bridge, you also add a piece of nylon lining in that zone.

Finding panties that are pretty and comfortable is not always an easy task. So why not copying a pair I love ? Those are drafted using a lovely pair of Simon Pérèle. The result is not bad at all. I like the look and comfort wise, I barely feel them. Mission accomplished !

Lace panties inspired by a pair of Simone Pérèle
 For my next project, I  planned a long version of the Berkeley bra. After offering to sew a bra for Rose, my son's girlfriend, she selected this image on my Pinterest board. I drafted the pattern and I think it will work. The "muslin" version is cut. I simply have to sew it now. We shall see.

 Pattern  - Fabric- Notions
Pattern : Berkeley bra by Orange Lingerie

Fabric: Stretch lace from Kava in Montreal, cotton lining for the panties are from Bra Makers Supply

Notions: All elastics, the closure and the bow are also from Bra Makers Supply  in Hamilton, Canada

Voilà !

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