Blahnik, Louboutin un peu de folie ? Is there a bit of crazyness in shoe design ?

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J'adore les chaussures, j'adore les chaussures à talons hauts, mais parfois je me pose des questions sur la hauteur des talons que les grands designers de chaussures nous proposent.

Femme urbaine, fana du transport en commun et de faire mes courses à pied, je marche 3 à 4 kilomètres par jour. Je marche aussi beaucoup au boulot, en plus de monter à pied tous les matins les 17 étages séparant la rame du métro de mon bureau.

Alors dîtes-moi, pouvez-vous marcher avec ces chaussures ? Des talons de 7.5 cm, je veux bien mais 10 cm en aiguille, je dis NON ! Est-ce uniquement pour faire le caniche dans un salon?

I love shoes, I love high heel shoes, but sometime I really wonder on the height of heels the greatest designers are offering. Urban, fan of public transport, against using a car for daily shopping, I walk 3 to 4 kilometres each day.
I also go up each morning the 17 floors that separate the subway station from my desk. And, I walk those down when my work is over. During the day, I walk to different buildings on campus. I walk, walk, walk. So too high is too much.

So, tell me, can you walk with those shoes. I can put up with 3-inches heals (7.5 cm), but 4 inches (10 cm), that's to much for me. Is it only to sit like a poodle in a living room ?

What do you think ?

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16 commentaires

  1. Well, I am also a big fan of doing everything by foot or by bike, leaving the car at home. But - I am also a fan of high heels. I am carrying a pair of flat shoes with me to change at the office.
    If I go out I always wear high heels, but not higher than 8 cm, I do not want to be taller than my husband. Since I practice ballroom dancing a lot I am very used to wear high heels.
    I especially love the grey gladiator shoes you showed.

    Best regards,

  2. Ohhh la bonne question !
    Tout est question de stabilité en fait : si la chaussure est bien équilibrée ... il est tout à fait possible de marcher (réellement, pas uniquement faire la décoration du salon ;-) avec
    Je viens d'aller faire un petit tour dans mon placard à chaussures : j'ai ce que j'appelle des petits talons (autour de 5,5-6-6,5cm environs 2,5 inch), des talons (autour de 8,5-9cm environs 3,5 inch), voilà pour mes hauteurs habituelles.
    Sauf que pour l'instant, je porte mon dernier bébé dans mes bras (9 mois, 9,5kg) et je porte donc le plus souvent pas de talon du tout ;-D
    Je dirai donc, que voui, je marche, court, bouge, vit avec des talon de 8,5-9cm à condition qu'ils soient bien équilibrés (pas de bascule vers l'avant) et que je ne soit pas plus lourdement chargée que d'habitude (mon sac à main plein de toutes sortes de choses, mais pas un bébé en prime).
    Sinon, j'ai de grands pieds (du 39 français), je mesure 1,62m pour 50kg... et 10 cm de talon c'est vraiment trop haut pour moi !
    Voili, voilà,


  3. I also walk alot..but in fields, walking my dogs with wellies on my feet. I have trouble walking in flat shoes. lol lol I would never ever buy heels as high as these, surely they cannot be comfortable.

  4. Anne .- Je ne peux pas dire que je n'ai aucune expérience avec les talons .... Cependant, je suis aussi un fétichiste des chaussures et des bottes ... I love it.

    Cependant, je crois que la chaussure peut être élégant sans l'utilisation de ces hauts talons. I love Robert Clergerie sont uniques, faites à la main et très moderne, et aussi les chaussures CHANEL, very elegant.

  5. Walking 3-4 kilometers a day on 3 inch heals is too much for me. 4 inch, never! Not when using a car either. Nice to look at, not to wear.

  6. 4" heels are the hot hot hot item but I will stay closer to the ground. I don't trust myself to be safe in 3" heels! Not that talented. But I envy those who can wear these beautiful but dangerous and very sexy shoes. Cocktail shoes, not working shoes, though.

  7. I wish I could wear these types of shoes, they look so nice and fashionable however, I feel uncomfortable wearing high high heels. My daily work footwear are Army combat boots :)} which are very very comfortable by the way, lol. After 30 years of wearing them, high heels just don't feel right. I would say my most comfortable heel height is 1.5 ins and highest heel I might have is 2.5 ins.

  8. The shoes are stunning. I wear clogs :))

    But... when I dress up (a few times a year) I can handle the heels for a few hours. It requires a 180 degree shift in posture and movement. I also have to teach our young performers how to stride across a wide stage in these beauties- the majority of which have never been shown how to wear heels the 'right' way.

  9. Birgìtte, I would be so curious to assist to this training. I wonder if I wear them properly. By the way, the shoes your wear with the grey suit are perfect and seem to be so stable.

  10. Ann, you are a military ! What a surprise. I think that Cidell's mother is a high rank military as well. Funny, you look so feminine. My stereotype on army people are all shaken up now. :-)

  11. I ADORE gorgeous, feminine, sexy high heels!!
    Too bad I wear a size 3 Youth/Child :( Barbie & Hanna Montana is my choice!!
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda, (who's still trying to copy/paste TOny's new belly button)

  12. Rhonda, I am a size 35 1/2 wich is the equivalent of a size 3 1/2 to 4 in children sizes. Good shoe stores carry our size. In case you do not know, two stores carry small sizes on St-Hubert street, Semy and ??? on the same side and just a few stores south.

  13. Totally agree with you. I love high heels, so fine and elegant, but It rarely see me with one of them. For me it is essential to move freely, I love walking, but I am not going to sacrifice that freedom of movement for the beauty. I prefer shoes less attractive but more consistent with my personality.
    This year at the Madrid fashion shows,some designers put some models as high heels and uncomfortable, which spoke in the news over the falls to the floor of the model's that the own collection. Is this desirable for a designer? And they are professional women who are to carry everything, imagine an amateur like me, I never lifted from the ground!

  14. Oh Anne, I'm sooo encouraged!! I, too, can find "Mamma" shoes!! ;)
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  15. OH ANNE
    i love shoes
    they are all beauty and elegant!
    je adore talons de aiguille.

  16. They are all gorgeous... I could see myself marching with the red ones... I manage alright if the heels are not too thin.


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