Daisy et moi travaillons ardemment, Daisy and I are working hard

13 h 18

Daisy (mon mannequin) et moi en sommes à la confection sur tissus. Voici la couleur que j'ai finalement choisie. Je sais, le noir convient à tout. Mais pour une fois, j'ai envie de porter autre chose que du noir. Alors, ma robe sera rouge brique. Je la porterai avec cette magnifique écharpe de soie peinte à la main.

Daisy(my mannequin) and I are working really hard today. Everything is cut and we just sew, sew, sew. Yes, I did put aside the LBD to have a LRD. For once, I will be dressed in something else then black. The dressed will be worn with this magnificent hand panted silk scarf. See you soon !

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8 commentaires

  1. Can't WAIT to see it on!! (I wore LRD enough in my 30's that I was nicknamed "Rhonda Red") ;)
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  2. Aha! So this is where you've been -- locked in your workroom with Daisy creating a masterpiece! I can hardly wait to see it with that beautiful scarf.I send good wishes to your talented hands....
    Janie ('catbird' on PR)

  3. Your fabric choice is inspired, with that lovely scarf. I can hardly wait to see the dress as I know it will be absolutely stunning!

  4. l'amour, l'amour de cette écharpe ou un châle. comme on dit ?.... Eh bien, je parie sur le noir, mais je vous donne mes félicitations pour le choix de la couleur, est magnifique.

    bonne semaine, Paco

  5. Courage ça va être superbe ! Il n'y a pas à dire la couture se fini toujours au dernier moment quelque que soit la manière dont on s'y prend ;-)

  6. You will look positively glorious in this combo!

    Thanks for your recent comment, I will check out his blog. I used silk jersey for my dress and acid dye is recommended by Dharma Trading for solid color dying. It can also be used on wool and nylon, but not on polyester.

  7. It´s very nice the colours of scarf. Hand panted? You'll dazzle with unique pieces!!



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