Question d'élégance, Coco répond elle-même

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Intéressant, non ?

I love her voice that was certainly deepen by her (bad) smoking habit. It is interesting to note that for her, at the time, smoking was not unfashionable. In that video she is asked to define elegance. Her answer: Elegance is rare in France !! and Haute couture is not necessarily elegant because designers and women simply over do it. Simplicity is elegant according to her. (Of course I agree) She is also asked about her reaction to copies and adaptation of her style by women "on the street" meaning you and I type of people. To summarize her thought, imitation is the result of success and fashion designers should not be offended by it. Therefore, we can inspire ourselves without feeling guilty.

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8 commentaires

  1. I love these little video's of Coco Chanel. She was quite the lady!

  2. My French is not so good, but I think I understood the gist of what Mme was saying. Interesting!

  3. I can't see Mme. Chanel without thinking how grateful she was to her American buyers who rescued her house from oblivion after WWII. She dated a Nazi, and was rumored to have been a sympathizer, but she did close her fashion house during the war and did not open it again till after WWII. She was a most interesting woman.

    Tres bien!

  4. Boy, oh boy... :( I'm DEFINATELY goin' back to French class!! Chanel talks WAY TOO FAST for me :(
    (Found her annoying, though... always scratching her body parts & swaying back & forth!)
    Mind you, her STYLE is sooooo nice, classic, clean, feminine, need I say more!!
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  5. Rhonda, I agree she was overly nervous. In other segment of this interview, she apologizes for being so hyperactive. But, she could not help it... or at least she says so.

  6. ;)Thanks for your comment back!
    Hi Claire!! Coco "dated" many, influential men who helped her establish CHANEL. ;)
    I still want to sign up for a French course!! They're $ at Concordia, eh!!
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in the city of 100+ languages!! ;)

  7. Slendide, où as-tu été pêcher une (des) vidéo pareille ?
    En fait, je ne l'avait jamais vu bouger, des photos oui j'en ai vu en quantité, mais des films jamais ! Quant à la voix et l'accent, je n'en suis pas vraiment surprise, c'est ce à quoi je m'attendais.
    Merci pour cette découverte.

    Hi ladies, today I am not andicaped by my bad english and I enjoy ;-) But I agree with you, she speek fast and she use a lot of words and appropriate ones... not easy to catch.
    I remember some of her sentences and use them as mantra when I sew, chose a garment, or just open my closet in the morning... she is still alive!


  8. Miaaa, il y a tout sur YouTube. J'adore y fouiner. Je t'écrie bientôt pour la robe de mariée. ;-) Anne


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